"Her vocal versatility makes her completely convincing across age, ethnicity, class and period."
Lucy Skilbeck,

Director of Acting Training at RADA and West End director

"Zehra is an exceptional singer, actress and performer."
Charles Miller - British Musical Theatre Composer​

“Very professional voice work. Zehra went above and beyond. I would definitely work with her again!” SISTER LOCATION

Scott Cawthorn, creator of Five Nights at Freddys and Sister Location Video games.

“Zehra's narration for Nightingale was profoundly moving. She managed to capture not just the voices but the essence of the major characters throughout the book. Brought my story to life in every way. I could not recommend her narrative
skills high enough. Thank you for bringing Nightingale to life."
Andrea Bramhall - Author of “Nightingale"

"Absolutely one of the best books I have listened to. The story was right out of today's headlines. The performance was out of this world. I'm going to listen to it right away again.”

“Loved the narrator and the accents she gave the characters. This book truly came to life and I plan to listen to it again in the near future. Wonderful story and definitely worth the credit!”

Nightingale Reader Reviews

Another 5-star job with Zehra! She is simply the best!

Emily Smith-Anciaux for  "Love in a Headscarf" Excerpt

"Malala's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Fabulous work by Zehra! She is such a talented and dynamic artist, and working with her is a true pleasure."

Emily Smith-Anciaux

"Great to work with. Superb character voice, client loved it. Clean recording, highly recommended."

James Blatch for Animal Welfare - Voice of a Rabbit (British English)

"Wonderful artist with a dynamic range and a pleasure to work with! Will most definitely
keep her in mind for future work."
Jeremy Murayama for  Informative Online Videos

"Zehra is the most amazing artist for child voices! And she can sing, too. We are very happy to be able to work with this professional". - VIDEO GAME

Ruslan Efimov for Surf7

"Super easy to work with! all around professional. excellent voice and sound quality thank you!"

lauren Barton for Afghan Refugees

"Zehra Jane Naqvi was professional, flexible and easy to work with. Her voice is lovely and we were really happy with her performance."

Carolyn Burjoski for New Delhi Introduction

"Over the past couple of years Zehra has sung six different lead vocals for me, across a wide variety of musical styles. Her technique is flawless, but she also brings real personality and flair to everything she sings; and her skills as a voiceover artist have been invaluable for my 'novelty' songs! I'll certainly use her voice again and I'd recommend her as a session singer to
absolutely anyone."

Mishka Mistry - Songwriter/ Producer

"Working with Zehra is always a pleasure. I am overjoyed with her work on my Shadow Assassin audiobooks. Zehra's crisp narration is complemented by her ability to create and maintain distinct character voices throughout an entire novel. In
Deceit of Humanity I had over a dozen unique characters, and Zehra brought each of them to life, perfectly balancing their varying personality traits, multiple accents, and the occasional descent into madness. Her production skills are top notch and I couldn't be happier with the finished products she has produced for me."

Arthur McMahon - Author of ‘Deceit of Humanity’

"It's an absolute pleasure to work with Zehra! She's bright, friendly, and never fails to produce consistently outstanding work. She's tackled a wide range of vocal work for us, and always delivers excellent results very quickly. I can't recommend her enough - she's a star!”

Simon Horton - Creator of EasyPeasy Plays

"I  loved the way Zehra could bring Mukta’s character to life with her narrative ability. She’s an amazing voice artist and was able to portray Mukta’s emotions and sensitivity so beautifully. I couldn’t have chosen a better voice artist for Mukta’s part."

Amita Trasi - Author of Color of our Sky