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Scott Ciscon - American Voice-over artist

In addition to Scott’s main job as a professional singer in the group Tenors Unlimited(, Scott is also a fantastic Voice-over artist. The perfect American ‘Guy next door’ voice for corporate, commercial or character driven projects: he also happens to be my husband!



Martin Fisher - Voice-over reel producer at Sonic Pond Studio


Martin put together all of my demos and is quite simply the best voice-demo producer in the UK that I know!



Hugh Edwards - CEO, Founder & Team Captain of Gravy for the Brain and producer at High Score Productions.

Hugh is an award winning voice director and casting director. I had the privilege of working with Hugh this year when he asked me to direct a high-profile multi-national voice project in London -  big NDA on this one but I will be able to disclose details about this exciting project … one day!

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